Global Colours Rainbow Burst Split Cake Palette contains ten 10 gram split cakes, a solid cake of Black and one of White in an easy to carry case. Global Body Art Split Cakes contain an assortment of highly pigmented colors arranged side by side in a single box, perfect for creating colorful designs quickly and easily.

This palette contains split cakes: Taupo, Leanne's Rainbow, Bavaria, Borneo, Iceland, Mexico, Cuba, Hawaii, New York, New Sahara 

Each split cake has following colors: 
Iceland: Dark Blue, Teal, White 
Borneo: Black, Green Deep, Lime, Yellow 
Bavaria: Teal, White, Magenta, Purple 
Mexico: Black, Red, Orange and Yellow 
Taupo: Dark Blue, Teal, Lime Green, White 
Leanne's Rainbow: Red, Magenta, Yellow, Light Blue and Dark Blue 
New York: Red, Yellow, Teal and Purple 
Cuba: Magenta, White, Lime Green and Teal 
Hawaii: Red, Pink and White 
New Sahara: Black, Rose Brown, Apricot, White 

Global Body Art heavily pigmented, water based colors are very smooth and are easy to apply and remove. Global colors provide long lasting, opaque coverage that is less prone to fading or cracking. Global Body Art cakes are specially formulated to ensure consistent performance in every use. 

This is a great starter kit & 100% vegan. 





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