Fusion Body Art’s Summer Sunrise is a warm tropical cake that is great for sunset and sunrise scenes, butterflies and tropical tigers too! Tap these colours over the eyes and or forehead and paint black silhouettes of palm trees or jumping dolphins on top to create magical tropic eye designs.

  • Amazing tropical warm rainbow
  • Perfect for Butterflies & tropical tigers
  • Prime & Pearl colour combination 
  • Easy wash off formulation
  • Excellent rainbow split cake

Colour Combination:

Pearl Blue, Magic Magenta, Prime Orange Zest, Prime Bright Yellow, Prime White

Simply load a paint sponge with some or all of the colours in this cake by moving the sponge from side to side, and then tapping the colours just where you want them. You can create amazingly colourful designs with just one cake! Take care using just enough water to activate and load your sponge to get a clean impression. You can also use these larger rainbow cakes for 1 stroke painting if you load up just a few of the colours at a time with a 1” or smaller flat brush. Once you have the colours that you want loaded you can paint flowers, snakes, butterflies, dragons and so much more! 

Rainbow Cakes – Summer Sunrise | 50g